Clinic Update

The clinic is now open….

I hope this message finds you well? It has been a really tough few months. Business came to a standstill before lockdown, and as you can imagine, a genuine Pandora’s box of emotions have been felt ever since. Lockdown life for me has been spent mainly in the garden or at the kitchen table with home schooling. I am sure you can work out which one I preferred!

I hope that the last few weeks have not weighed on you terribly? Not a single person is going through the same as anyone else, and I hope that you have gotten through it as best you can?

What has changed? There are lots of measures in place, to ensure that I am working as safely as possible. These include:

  • screening patients before appointments
  • triage at the time of the appointments
  • temperatures taken (ear)
  • 30min gaps between patients for cleaning and preventing contact with other patients
  • PPE including aprons, gloves and masks etc.
Thinking about a treatment?
It may be that treatment is not the right option for you…

As long as you have not been identified as Clinically Vulnerable (NHS guidelines, received a letter), then I can treat you.
There are other factors we should consider, and these will vary from person to person! If you are unsure, please message me and we can discuss. If treatment is not the right option, then I will help in whatever way I can.
If you would like to book, please do so online by clicking here . 

A few points to note:
Please note that there are forms that need to be completed before being seen. These are sent automatically with your reminders and can be completed by a mobile device/computer. These cover the changes made in order to practice safely, as well as a health screening to checklist. 
Please do not arrive early for appointments. We would like to prevent any patient interaction.
Working hours have been adapted whilst schools are not yet at capacity. Until then, I will be juggling home school/work/life. If you cannot find a day or time online, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Please take care of yourselves. x

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