I am not quite sure where to start, but it has been a funny few weeks. Feeling like I am living under an emotional cloud. There is so much happening around us. Such terrible things affecting the people around us – sometimes to the people we care about and sometimes to people we do not even know.

I have also witnessed behaviour in other ‘grown ups’ which I have found quite shocking. Its confusing and frustrating but I refuse to focus on that. Its too tiring.

Through turmoil comes strength. I feel blessed to have seen and felt great love and friendship. I want to spend time focusing on that!!

This is not a chiropractic post of course, but as my job involves spending time with others – a lot of talking, I know we all have dark days. I want to remind myself and you….. that focus on the good things, however small. A break in the cloud, allows the smallest amount of light and can make the world of difference.

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