Feel the fear and do it anyway


So, I started reading the book Feel the Fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers. I am not even close to finishing it, in fact I am not even half way. HOWEVER, I have already used this motto a few times…..

  1. Firstly, the main reason for buying this book is because I am not ‘built’ for being self employed and running my own Chiropractic business. In fact, running a facebook page, blog, website, and (I really need to do this) Instagram! scares me!! I hoped that by reading this, it would help me to be a bit bolder professionally.
    1. Things like posting here
    2. Putting pictures of myself
    3. Just general sharing
  2. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with applying this logic personally either. I had a weekend retreat with my husband in North Wales and as we did not have the children, we thought it was the best opportunity was to try things we could not really do with the girls with us. I have always loved the idea of learning how to surf! Unfortunately Surf Snowdonia is currently under construction/refurb, so we went to Zip World. On a Monday they offer 2 for 1 deals, so we booked onto the coaster ride (a bit like a toboggan) and the Zip Wire. WOW. I have no fear of heights as such, but I did ‘Feel the Fear’ – boy was it high, and ‘I did it anyway’. I felt a bit like a superhero. I made a point of jumping off the platform – wanting to embrace it. It was exhilarating. It is such a great set up. You get plenty of time to practice before you go ‘up’ and the guides are great. I would highly recommend it.

What sort of thing scares you? It does not have to be complicated. Think of something small and give it a go

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