Movement is medicine

We all know that being active is part of being healthy. The problem is, it always seems like an impossible task and there is never enough time. Unfortunately, we have to be proactive with our health. Demands on our health system are only increasing, and we are potentially living longer.

We also know that if we want to be healthy, we cannot only eat 1 ‘healthy meal’ a week. We cannot be active/exercise once a year. The same rule applies in so many aspects of physical health including the plan of care for our chiropractic patients.

When it comes to being active the bottom line is move more… Whatever that means for you. Most of all, do not focus on what you think you should be doing, but do the things that you know you will enjoy doing regularly. It may not be going to the gym, perhaps it is to walk around the local park. From there, it does just get easier.

Chiropractic (as a profession) can take its toll on the body. It is as important to me to get moving as it is for anyone else. I joined the gym a few months ago, and am trying to go twice a week. One day I will do more, but that is me ‘doing more’. So I am happy with that.

For the first time ever last week, I did a Spin/Cycle class. I have wanted to do this for years and years but for different reasons – mostly fear I have not. But I did it. It was a learning curve in itself. I did not have the handles correctly positioned to my legs , so bumped my thighs about 5 times into the handle bars at speed – ouch. My legs are still bruised almost a week later but I am super proud of myself!

Do something you have never done before…. what an achievement

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